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Financial Wellbeing through Money Mindfulness


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Lavinia D Osbourne, is a successful Money Mindfulness & Financial Empowerment Coach; as well as the founder of the (online) holistic personal finance and & empowerment consultancy - Butterfly Wealth Creation.

As well as running events, speaking internationally, writing books and serving her clients, she is a proud aunty, God-mother to many, sister and daughter.

Family and community is very important to her and as such these things, amongst others, is her driving force to share her holistic approach to money aka the 'financial word' of 'money mindfulness'; and help those who are ready, to spread their financial wings, to create, preserve and prosper.

What People Say about Lavinia & Her Work:-

"Lavinia is a warm, beautiful and inspiring person. Her passion for helping people to be wiser with their money shows! She is very informative and has a great energy which keeps people interested and conversations flowing." Alisha Lewis - Client & Owner of The Nurturing Nanny

“Lavinia’s information, delivery and encouragement help you to first be honest about your circumstances and second realign your thinking to simple money management practice.

The positive actions I've made since engaging with Lavinia are to make a conscious effort to divorce who I am from how much I have or haven’t got, and make more effort to be disciplined by sticking to a budget and plan.

Lavinia is certainly the only holistic teacher I know to equip you with the foundations that people so often miss about money.

I'm grateful for her subtle but fresh approach. She is realigning us to a healthier paradigm about finance, and I challenge anyone to not learn something from her that will not leave you in a better place than before.” Nigel Stewart, Client & Director of the Centre of Pan African Thought.

"I was recently invited to speak at one of Lavinia's events...It was a fantastic day of learning, well organised, great content, professional and thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees." Sue Stone, Secret Millionaire & Happiness & Empowerment Coach

Lavinia's vision for the future of a financial industry built on trust and relationship is truly inspiring, and completely on the mark, practical and dependable. She takes an insightful look at what people want to do with their lives before taking a look at the money!

This seems so obvious a service, yet so few people deliver it. Lavinia is the remarkable exception…on your side, expect great results, every time, and quickly.“ Steve Conley, Former head of Investments, HSBCS.

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