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Suzan Hassan

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I became interested in nutrition after members of my family were diagnosed with diabetes. I obviously wanted to avoid developing this debilitating condition, which lead me into my journey of discovering how nutrition and lifestyle has a direct impact on our health. I also became interested in weight gain particularly in later life and menopausal women..It was that time of life for me too !! the conflicting information of dieting and myriad's of data with all their mixed messages encouraged me to delve further. This naturally led me into an interest in obesity and how this condition is affecting 62% of the UK population and growing. Obesity contrary to what most people think is not driven by over eating.
I have personally practised methods of healthy food and life style choices which has resulted in losing stubborn abdominal fat (one of the causes of diabetes in both men and women). My research has thrown up some amazing self empowering data which many of us are completely unaware of and exposes the false information we have been exposed to since birth.
Making the right choices is not about the next fad diet, it is a sustainable and functional way to amazing health and well-being. My mission is to help as many people as possible with an holistic approach of discovery and regaining back our health and equanimity.
I am also a trained clinically hypnotherapist and certified Pranic healing practitioner..
Pranic healing is a non touch healing system, which works with energy to unblock chakras that feed the etheric body or aura with life force or chi. It has truly phenomenal potential for addressing many physical, and emotional ailments.
Hypnosis has been around for many thousands of years and has been clinical proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits with pain, anxiety and addictions.
I have a myriad of holistic modalities at my disposal, which can be carefully selected to suit any clients preference. I sincerely look forward to working with you for better health, mobility and life choices.

Experience and qualifications

Lea Mason Church of England School. September 1967 - July 1962.
Qualified in Hypnotherapy
certification in Solution Focus, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,Phobias, Smoking Cessation. Diploma in Nutrition.

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