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Simon Gore

Reiki, Other Massages

Reiki is like a hug for your soul

Simon is a qualified and charismatic Reiki Practitioner and instructor. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese hands-on healing modality that promotes deep relaxation, clarity and wellbeing in a person. It corrects the imbalances in one’s energetic system and recharges areas that are low in vitality. Reiki treatments ... See More

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0:40 hours
£45.00 £40.50

massage therapy
0:30 hours
£35.00 £28.00

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Polly Milton

Colonic Irrigation, Herbalism, Other Massages, Deep Tissue Massage

As a professional individual I offer services that are designed to improve clients' general wellbeing. Treatments on offer range from massages to colonic hydrotherapy. What I enjoy most about my job is helping relieve my clients of their discomforts and seeing how my services are impacting and making a difference in their lives.

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colonic irrigation and consultation
0:50 hours
£60.00 £54.00

Herbal treatment
1:0 hours
£50.00 £47.50

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Andrew Johnson

Deep Tissue Massage

Andrew offers deep tissues and holistic massage. Deep tissue massage uses the similar techniques as being used by other therapeutic massages, but at times with more pressure, thereby it can penetrate to the tissues deep below the skin. If an individual is having knotted muscles, it will emphasize on that particular spot wh... See More

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Deep tissue massage
0:30 hours

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Alexandra P Brown Theta Healing Academy


Helping you live your life on Purpose, together, we make a difference

Our culture We are a team of holistic practitioners around the UK and across the globe who share a vision of empowering others. We believe instead of trying to love the life you live, you can live the life you love. Our philosophy is simple, we’re all connected. Your happiness is our goal. We assist you in achieving you... See More

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Theta Healing
1:0 hours

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Irina Marjevschi

Deep-tissue-Massage, Swedish Massage, Other Massages

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deep tissue
1:0 hours

Swedish massage
1:0 hours

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Counselling t696afd

BWC Consultancy


Financial Wellbeing through Money Mindfulness

Lavinia D Osbourne, is a successful Money Mindfulness & Financial Empowerment Coach; as well as the founder of the (online) holistic personal finance and & empowerment consultancy - Butterfly Wealth Creation. As well as running events, speaking internationally, writing books and serving her clients, she is a proud aunty, G... See More

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Money Clarity 60 mins
1:0 hours

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Carol Malkin (Everything Flows)


Everything Flows

Hi, my name is Carol Malkin and my business name is Everything Flows. I have been practising Reiki for almost 6yrs now. I am also a Colour Reiki practitioner. Colour Reiki is a combination of Reiki energy and Colour Therapy. I use colour to help balance and harmonise your energy centres (chakras) and to assist with the heali... See More

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1:0 hours

Colour Reiki
1:15 hours

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Kubi May - BA(hons) MNCP

Counselling, Coaching, Art Therapy

Holistic Counselling, treatments & Creative Art Therapy for the mind, body & Spirit

At EarthTribe Therapies, I offer Therapy (either one-to-one or as a couple/group) and also training workshops in Reiki. I do regular counselling, coaching or therapy with the added bonus (for no extra cost) of creative art therapy, meditation tutoring, nutrition advice plus a beautiful array of Holistic treats like Reiki ... See More

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1:0 hours

Life Coaching
1:0 hours

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Reflexology hypnotherapy ta41dd9


Hypnotherapy, Stone Massage, Reflexology

Birmingham Holistic Health Centre is a Multi Award Winning Natural Health Centre in Kings Norton, Birmingham. The centre offers holistic therapy services such as massage, reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy, mediumship and meditation. We run a range of accredited therapy courses along with regular events with renowned ther... See More

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1:0 hours
£45.00 £40.50

Hot Stone Massage
1:0 hours

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Pranic healing t162969

Yuliya Preslytska


Anything is possible when you have inner peace

Since her early teens until about 2011, Yuliya and her family experienced a lot of physical and psychological pain and suffering. They had lost many close family members in quick succession over a few years. Her dad was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure and brain tumour and finally passed away in 2011. ... See More

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Pranic Healing 1-2-1 Session
0:45 hours

Pranic Healing
0:10 hours