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Meditation on the Twin Hearts for stress-relief and well-being


Birmingham, United Kingdom, In-person

14 of December at 16:00

0h 45min

Organized by:

Yuliya Preslytska
Nr. of places: 100


Would you like to get rid of your stress in less than 45 min? Would you like to experience deep relaxation, calmness, stillness and clarity of mind?

Perhaps you are very stressed looking after your family and kinds. Maybe you are exhausted and undergoing massive pressure at work. Possibly you have such a busy life due to business travelling and multitasking in your free of work time.

All this pressure accumulates in the body and over a period of time can manifest as illnesses.

Come and experience very giving and relaxing meditation on the Twin Hearts to eliminate stress,promote good health, increase creativity and intelligence, attain happiness and fulfillment and deep relaxation!