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“Nothing is permanent, everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.” Buddha
We are committed to promoting the holistic approach and believe that it is much more than simply dealing with general wellbeing; it’s about making a change in our society. We believe in a world without mental health issues, depression, stress, anxiety and unhappy daily routines… We believe in a society where piece of mind, joy, happiness and inner knowledge are generic terms and habits. And we are just making a small step towards it… by creating an online home for holistic health treatments and activities.

Everyone should be able to connect to a local holistic practitioner or activity online in a fast and easy way; just like booking a hotel or a trip. It’s also essential to help practitioners nourish their therapy; this is why we are also creating targeted online management and growth tools for a holistic therapy business. When looking at the big picture, if more and more practitioners are running a successful therapy practice, then more and more people will get the chance to connect to their holistic experience and grow the community!

That’s why OmAwake was created, with the intention to connect a like-minded community that strives for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. We are committed in creating online tools for both practitioners and their customers to make holistic practices prosper and people’s life less stressful, with a deeper awareness and harmony. Our time, skills and resources are nothing compared to our belief of raising holistic awareness and connecting and expanding the community of like-minded people. But now, we need your support - to create the mobile version of OmAwake that will help us further progress with our dream and belief.


In the era of greatest rush, impatience and materialism; finding the essential answers to our existence, our purpose and our true self is very hard. But the one who tries to look for them is indeed very lucky!
Sometimes the circumstances of our life make us turn 180 degrees to show us a different world, in which we start looking for the essential values of our existence: inner peace, bliss and peace of mind. All of this is possible when working with our Body, Mind and Spirit. This is a holistic approach, an approach used by our ancestors, an approach used by “enlightened” people and we believe that this is the approach of our future!
War, strikes, conflicts are common news on TV and radio nowadays. Is that normal? Can we change that? I don’t have the answers, but I do know that:
“If you want to change the world, you should start with yourself”
Mahatma Ghandi

All the holistic practices help us find the peace within ourselves, ultimately helping our planet get one step closer to peace!

The Idea

My story started about 4 years ago, when my personal and professional life collapsed in one single moment. This was the moment when I started the journey towards my holistic experience. I took one year off to find the answers to my peace, inner balance and myself.
Yoga, daily meditations, herbalism and aromatherapy courses opened new horizons not just to my self-development but also to my professional objectives. When I realised that all holistic practices share the same knowledge and have common roots, I decided to create an online place that would bring together all these therapies and help people find and connect to them. This should be as easy as booking an apartment through Airbnb, this should be as common as booking an Uber. My business expertise alone were not enough for this idea.
Actually: “Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people. ” Steve Jobs
Stan joined OmAwake not just as a tech expert but also as a practitioner and believer. OmAwake is the result of our joint efforts and we will be grateful if you also become part of our team!


OmAwake is the online home for holistic health treatments and holistic therapy businesses.
OmAwake has two missions:
-     To help anyone find and book holistic health treatments and events online in a fast and easy way.
-   To help practitioners nourish and grow their holistic practice by creating targeted management and marketing tools
(e.g.: client management, email marketing, online scheduling, statistics, financial reports etc.). We want practitioners to take care of their therapy expertise whilst OmAwake takes care of their business management.

Our name speaks for itself. OM is considered to be the first sound that appeared in the universe. By singing mantra “om” we experience the fully expanded level of creation, we connect to our inner self.
“Awake” represents our mission of awakening Minds, Bodies and Spirits!

online holistic marketplace
automated booking system
management for practitioners


We are continiously developing our web platform and implementing marketing campaigns with our joint skills, resources and efforts.
And now, we came to the point, where we need to develop the OmAwake mobile app for customers. This will make the booking process of a holistic treatment even more easier and joyful!

We need £10 000 to develop the app.
The mobile app designs were carefully designed by our team and checked by an experienced UX design advisor. The tech team has checked the working flow and is ready to start the project.
Your support will help us grow the holistic health community!


we are going to invite one lucky person to a meditation workshop with the team

we will organize a meditation session for start-ups and volunteers.

we will start developing the mobile app and we expect to launch the beta version within two months. You will be one of the first testers.


our CEO will give up on coffee and the whole team will give up on sweets for 28 days. Will keep you updated on our state through our SM platforms!

we are going to sing the mantra “OM” in the city centre, record it and post on our SM!

we will organize a wellbeing event with the objective of spreading the knowledge about various holistic treatments. This will be combined with our mobile app launch.



By supporting a cause that will bring in positive results into society, you generate good karma that can also spread on your family and closest ones!


It’s not an idea written on a paper. We have already implemented many things that show our full-time commitment. We have created the OmAwake web-portal where practitioners already manage their business and people book with them. We have won some recognition awards such as the Investment Award Winner at PitchFest 2017. We are part of several incubators where brightest advisors, mentors are helping us implement the right strategies and expand the project.


We are part of the holistic field. Our whole team is practising some sort of holistic practice (meditation, yoga, pranic healing, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy). This gives us drive and fuel to progress with the project dream and make it big!




In charge of marketing, business and product development; Business development and digital marketing experience
Practices yoga, meditations



+8 years in Tech development; In charge of tech and product development
Practices Pranic healing


Content Writer & Customer Service

Studies in complementary therapies: reflexology, aromatherapy.
Practices aromatherapy, healthy nutrition


Marketing Assistant

Currently studing marketing at Birmingham City University
Started practising meditations



Enabler at Entrepreneurial Spark Powered by NatWest


Mentor to Start-ups with more than 20 years of experience


Mentor to tech start-ups with focus on Business Strategy


Founded and grown several businesses over the last ten years. Start-up mentor and innovator



We will thank you on our Social media platforms + will send you a customized gratitude E-card


We will send you a stone of luck + a customized gratitude E-card


- You will get a customized holistic T-shirt

- or if you are a practitioner, you will get a 6 motnhs free subscription to the “Guru” premium Package of your dashboard


- Get 10% discount on all treatments that you book for a 6 month period

- or if you are a practitioner, you will get one year free subscription to the “Guru” Premium Package of your dashboard


- Get 10% discount on all treatments that you book for one year period

- or if you are a practitioner, you will get two years free subscription to the “Guru” Premium Package of your dashboard + you are going to be top listed when searching by your location



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Contact us at care@omawake.com to discuss further details.

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