Why Alternative Medicine is Booming

15 August, 2016 2 0

Alternative Medicine is the therapy that uses natural modalities to make people better. These include Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, energy-based healing, massage therapy, herbal medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, prayer, and many more. These healing methods have recently become popular all over the world.

There are various reasons why Alternative Medicine is booming all over the world. Mainstream medicine uses chemical medicines to treat or suppress symptoms, but they completely ignore the physical, emotional and spiritual causes of illnesses. Antibiotics work well when treating infections, provided the doctors get the diagnosis right. In other illnesses the chemical medicines only suppress the symptoms, and they need to be used continuously to keep those symptoms suppressed. After a long time, people suffer from side-effects.

In the case of cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill cancer cells together with healthy cells, making the patient very sick. Research has shown that more cancer patients are killed by chemotherapy than by the cancer. Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, had been studying the lifespans of cancer patients for more than 25 years when he came to the conclusion that, despite popular belief, chemotherapy doesn't work. He witnessed a multitude of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy die horrific deaths, many of them dying much earlier than patients who refused treatment.

It is not just patients who are disillusioned with mainstream medicine. Doctors too are not happy with their work. According to Ralph Snyderman, M.D. and Andrew T. Weil, M.D. in their article Integrative Medicine: Bringing Medicine Back to Its Roots, "Physicians simply don’t have the time to be what patients want them to be: open-minded, knowledgeable teachers and caregivers who can hear and understand their needs. Physician unhappiness is not only the result of the limitations managed care has placed on their earning capacity. It is also a response to loss of autonomy, loss of fulfilling relationships with patients and, for some, a sense that they are not truly helping people to lead healthier lives.” It is this dissatisfaction that has led to the movement towards what is now known as integrative medicine.

Due to these problems more and more people, especially cancer sufferers, have become dissatisfied with mainstream medicine and they seek “alternative” methods of healing.

People trust alternative medicine because the healing methods have been around for a long time and they are known to be effective. For example, Ayurveda and acupuncture have been practiced in India and China respectively for thousands of years. Energy healing was also practised for thousands of years, as can be witnessed in the Bible. Although alternative medical practices were pushed aside by the strong marketing and propaganda of mainstream medicine, they survived because they are effective, and people have continued to use them quietly. It is only in recent times that they have been adopted by doctors and hospitals integrative medicine. Hence more people have become aware of them.





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