Top 7 Holistic Therapies to Help You Reduce Anxiety

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Since acupuncture’s recognition throughout the NHS, it has become an increasingly popular form of

therapy for a wide variety of conditions, however, many clients remain sceptical of its effectiveness

in regards to anxiety under the common misconception that acupuncture is designed for the relief of

physical issues rather than psychological. This ancient form of Chinese medicine focuses on the idea

that your energy (referred to as Qi) can become blocked through channels within your body known

as meridians. The needles are then strategically placed on specific points which unblocks the Qi and

restores harmony throughout the body. A regular receiver of acupuncture ( Birmingham ) says: “I

originally visited the acupuncturist to relieve tension in my neck that was caused by my anxiety, but

it significantly improved my anxiety as a whole”. For further information about acupuncture, please

click here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is the process of manipulating the muscles in order to relieve tension. Anxiety

can cause tension to build up in particular areas such as the back, neck and shoulders which can lead

to headaches, migraines, body aches and even fatigue. The therapist will be able to detect where

you are carrying your tension and use various technique in order to relieve it such as; kneading,

vibrating, rubbing, cupping and pounding. These techniques increase the levels of oxytocin and

serotonin, which are chemicals that can reduce stress and therefore have a relaxing effect. Several

popup clinics have recently opened specialising in Deep Tissue Massage ( London ) and are proving

to be incredibly popular and are rapidly increasing in popularity.


Chiropractors often work with clients who report experiencing symptoms such as; headaches,

nausea, migraines, pain in the neck and shoulders and fatigue which are some of the most

recognised symptoms of anxiety. Chiropractors work with the idea that many conditions or

symptoms can be caused by misalignment of the spine, also referred to as “subluxations”. It is

believed that readjusting the spine in order to correct these misalignments can increase the energy

flow throughout the body, and therefore improving a client’s health and wellbeing. Chiropractic

Birmingham has a variety of state of the art practices throughout the city with highly experienced

and qualified chiropractors who are used to treating a wide range of ailments.


Osteopathy is the movement and manipulation of joints and muscles to promote therapeutic

effects. Although commonly associated with aiding in the management of physical conditions, such

as arthritis. Osteopathy is becoming widely recognised for its benefits in the treatment of anxiety.

Generalised anxiety can alter our default state to feel under threat, which you may recognise as

“fight or flight”. When the body is under this pressure, it enters a form of survival mode which

detracts blood flow from other sources, such as the digestive system, which can lead to various

digestive disorders and complications throughout other systems within the body. Osteopathic

treatment aids in increasing the blood flow, which therefore allows all the systems and muscles to

work in harmony with each other. Many Osteopaths are qualified and experienced in treating a wide

variety of conditions and there are specialists throughout the Midlands that safely and effectively

use Osteopathy ( Birmingham ) in clients who are pregnant or suffering from severe conditions of

the joints which makes this treatment available to most people - regardless of any underlining issues

that they may have.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in form of:

  •  Massage
  •  Inhalation
  •  Compression
  •  Oral supplements

These oils are extracted from plants and flowers, each having their own unique properties that can

be beneficial for a variety of different conditions. Rose, lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang are the

most common oils used in the treatment of anxiety, as they have a calming effect on the client, who

will usually benefit from this oil via massage and inhalation.


Hypnotherapy has been proven to be extremely effective regarding the treatment of generalised

anxiety or anxiety which might be triggered by particular phobias. The treatment works with the

client in a state of hypnosis, where they will be in touch with their unconscious mind which allows

the therapist to get a deeper understanding of what may be the root cause of the emotions.

Throughout this state, the client will be open to the suggestive practise of the hypnotherapist, who

will work to enhance self-worth, confidence and general emotional wellbeing in relation to the

individual’s requirements, therefore aiding in the improvement of their anxiety.


Homeopathy is practised under the belief that if a substance can cause harm, it can also cure harm.

This is also commonly referred to as: “like for like”. Homoeopathists use remedies that have been

naturally derived from plants and flowers in order to treat various symptoms or conditions. There

are various remedies that can be recommended for anxiety, many of which can be specifically

tailored to your unique requirements. The most commonly given remedy for symptoms of anxiety is

called aconite, which is a plant that although typically dangerous in untrained hands, has a

reputation for being extremely effective throughout the homeopathic community.


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