Rule your mind or it will rule you. Why should you practice constant meditation

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Meditation is the art of controlling your thoughts and mind. Meditation is practiced to control the negativities of the mind and channelize your thoughts towards the right direction.  In this case,  right direction means making your life activities fruitful. The practitioner gains a good command over the mind by practicing meditation regularly. In general, Meditation is seen as a religious activity or even as a spiritual practice. But, meditation practice is something beyond all philosophies and ideologies.

We all might have experienced that clarity of thoughts is very much essential for both our professional and personal life.  Regular and continuous meditation practice trains the mind to face any adverse situation in our life with serenity and calmness. Anyone who has an inclination towards experiencing the peaceful state of his mind, can easily practice meditation. "Meditation Practice takes your mind to a higher realm of concentration and awareness. "

"Meditation Practice takes your mind to a higher realm of concentration and awareness. "


It is a proven fact that human mind can concentrate or focus on anything the mind is interested in. But in the case of meditation, it is the discriminative intellect or the practitioner himself who decides on the focus point.  This is precisely called: controlling or taming the mind.  It again means that your mind is within your control and you can channelize the thoughts towards any direction. The more positive your mind is, the more peaceful you are. You decide what to think about, what to talk about. Basically, all your words, deeds and actions are synchronized with a regular meditation practice.

Basically, all your words, deeds and actions are synchronized with a regular meditation practice.


Controlling thoughts is not as easy as it seems


For example, if you simply close your eyes and observe your mind, you will start experiencing and witnessing the flow of thoughts.  We don’t know or realize their source, still we have different kind of experiences within our body and mind when we experience those thoughts. An example from our own life is our likes and dislikes.  You get angry when your mind brings up thoughts on any object or subject you don’t like. 

Imagine that you are in the side of a busy road where vehicles keep on passing towards both directions. You are waiting for the signal to cross the road. Once the signal is on, the path to cross the road is clear and you cross safely.  Neither do you know the source of vehicles nor their destination.  You are just a witness to the context.  Now compare the same with a mind full of thoughts.  Compare vehicles with your thoughts, your mind as the road and yourself as the witness.

If you are keen to understand your mind, its nature then meditation is for you. It is just easy like that of the breathing process that happens in the body. The only difference is that you become conscious of all the actions you do, even breathing.  It means that the mental awareness increases gradually. Decision making happens easily, memory power increases and you start analysing the past experiences to make your actions more fruitful. Your inner energy is channelized according to your will.

Benefits of Meditation:


  • Increase in clarity of thoughts: From what has already been explained, it is clear that meditation helps bringing clarity of thoughts. How? It is a natural phenomenon of the mind. When our thoughts subside, our mind becomes calm. This can be easily experienced with the first session of your meditation practice.  You can ignore those thoughts which can distort your mind or which is not useful at all and bring the focus of the mind on what is good for you.


  • Helpful in professional and personal life: We have often heard “oh! I am not able to focus on the work”.  Why? There can be some kind of mental tensions or agonies or worries that eat up the mind through thoughts. In this situation, whether you are interested in working or not, the mind will hesitate to focus on the work. Your boss wants something to be done and you don’t have enough time for it  consequently your mind gets disturbed. Even if you are interested in performing the task, you cannot focus on the work. Meditation helps you come out from this mental state.  By eliminating unwanted thoughts from your mind, you can focus on whatever you wish.


  • Body and mind is relieved from stress: Both our mind and body release stress. Everybody has experienced one thing – when you go to a scenic place, your mind calms down automatically without any effort. You are away from your regular   duties and responsibilities and you feel free.   At the same time, you can experience the same situation if you understand your mind and its nature. Reactions and responses to situations happen consciously. If you are physically weak because of work, your mind automatically becomes weak. It can also happen vice-versa. The chemical process in your body changes if you are overburdened with thoughts. On the other hand, if your body is physically burdened, that is also reflected in your mind. The perfect body and mind form can be easily controlled with meditation practice. Meditation practice makes you more introverted than extroverted.


  • Mind is released from emotional trauma: Imagine a situation of shouting at somebody with anger. Later on you realize that getting angry was not useful and necessary. You may even feel guilty about the situation. All these manifestations of your emotions through mind and body can be controlled if meditation is practiced. The reason is that your mind becomes aware of how it responds in a certain situation. It is even possible that without being angry, you can manage the situation.


  • Awareness increases in all the actions: This is the most important achievement with the mediation practice. The practitioner becomes aware of all his actions – whether he is in his office or at home. Even in his sexual life it may be helpful. Precisely your thoughts, words and deeds are synchronized.
Meditation Motivation

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