Moon Manifestations

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As the Earth spins on its axis, the moon fluctuates through its phases with each position harnessing different meanings and transcending energies that if utilize properly can help us to manifest ultimate positivity in our lives. Each cycle taps into a higher level of thinking and being, with the right mentality we have the power to harness the radiance projected during each phase. For centuries cultures throughout our planet have followed the lunar cycle as a way to document time and connect intuitively with our Mother Nature. Keeping our eyes to the sky and tracking the waxing and waning of the moon can help us to make great strides in the creating ourselves and our lives.

Lunar Phases

New Moon

Seemingly nonexistent to the eye, the waxing dark moon is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. The new moon phase is the greatest time to find closure by setting intent for new goals and dreams, to incorporate positive changes and be active in their manifestation. Take the time to write down wishes and wants, truly envisioning them coming to fruition, then take the list outside and read it aloud to the night sky; the use of crystals during the new moon will help to further harness the positive energies that are optimal in putting your dreams and wishes into motion.

Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent is the phase that brings about deep resolve. With wishes, goals, wants and dreams being set now comes the air of positive emotional clarity. This is a time to dig deep into ourselves and tap into our feelings, working through the past and future revelations; now is not the time for action but for cool, calm, collected vibes of self-reflection.

1st Quarter Moon

Emotions continue to vibe an even greater energy during the waxing half moon and new beginnings are starting to blossom. Instinctual strength and the utilization of intuition is crucial at this phase. It is best to take time to reevaluate our lives and see what needs to added and what needs to be let go; now is the time for change.

Waxing Gibbous

As the moon ‘grows’ so too do we, our mental and spiritual capacity help to bring about growth in certain areas of our lives due in part to listening to our gut instincts during the half moon phase. This is the perfect time to refine and strive for improvement wherever we may need it in our lives. Rearranging and clearing any and all negative distractions along with maintaining patience will pay off and show rewards soon.


She is full; the moon is now in her full state of being. Energy is buzzing and the realizations of phases past spring us back into action. Any and all issues are illuminated and closure is found, we shed our old skin and begin again. A new self emerges and we have a greater connection with our higher selves. The waning moon is a time to pray, meditate, channel chakras and crystals as well as perform alchemy and magic; tuning ourselves towards our greatest frequency allowing for clarity in our vision both consciously and subconsciously. Taking healing crystals and setting them under the moonlight is one of the greatest ways to clear and clean them, helping to shape our new mental and spiritual manifestations. The dreams that were set forth at the beginning of the cycle are actualized and the culmination of releasing that which no longer serves us begins.

Waning Gibbous

A time for expressing new found truths is on the rise and during this lunar phase we begin ridding ourselves of everything that has no purpose in our lives beings. A heightened sense of divination interconnects with a higher level of understanding that opens up our ability to create core level changes. We find it’s easier to relate with others and share knowledge with a formidable sense of needing to networking and create new relationships. The challenges of life are mellowed and we reflect on ourselves and situations.

Last Quarter

The moon is in the phase of waning half and the time to self muse on the feelings of fulfillment along the past moon phases takes center stage. Analyzing our past and future accomplishments and aspirations that were not achieved help us to prepare for the next cycle. We should take the time to culminate all the goals and changes that we would like to implement; what do you want to achieve? What do you want to leave behind?

Balsamic Moon

Finally the last phase, the waning crescent, we begin to restore stillness and clear our minds for harvesting fresh thoughts for the coming new moon. This is the greatest time to release negativity and all things that threaten your inner and outer peace.  It is highly beneficial to tap into our inner core and reflect deeply through prayer and meditation, contemplating and clearing all things that need to be brought to pass. Reconnect with your strengths while transforming your weaknesses into soundness.



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