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8 Tips for running a successful Holistic Therapy Business

18 February, 2017 1 1

In today’s world, it’ll take more than just your professional expertise to achieve success in the field of holistic therapy. With ever-growing numbers of practitioners out there, it has become harder and harder for start-ups (even those who are amazing!) to really stand out. Thus, a certain amount of marketing savvy is called for. But don’t fret! Here are 8 practical tips that’ll help you gain the client base your hard work deserves.

  1. Create a good quality website – Your website should be treated like your real world office. Namely, it has to be a place that’s both attractive to the client and assures them of your business’s credibility. The best way to achieve this is through content marketing, i.e. producing clear and engaging web articles about the benefits of your holistic therapy treatments. By simply generating an interest in your readers this way, they’ll naturally become more inclined to try out your services!


  1. Use SEO – As well as writing relevant content, using organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques will help your website gain the search engine presence it needs to increase its traffic flow. A simple method is to utilise specific keywords in your content and site descriptions which will then help algorithms pick them up and display them to interested site-goers.


  1. Social Networking – With social media’s prominence, information is now spread via the web perhaps even more so than from peoples’ mouths. This means that ‘word of mouth’ may actually mean word of tweets! It’s vital then that you use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to reach out to potential customers, as it’s there that knowledge of your holistic therapy brand can be spread most widely.


  1. Form a strong brand identity - Perhaps you aspire to be the most renowned practitioner of acupuncture London has to offer, or of hypnotherapy Birmingham has ever seen – be sure to make it clear what your goal is and what your company’s values are, and, most importantly, stick to them! By distinctly defining your brand’s identity you make it easier for customers to see how your values align with their needs.


  1. Build long-term relationships – The only thing better than gaining clients is gaining loyal clients. Loyalty in clients can be attained through many ways…. You could offer exclusive deals that would entice them to return, or you can focus on customer interaction – again, taking advantage of social media, as well as our platform at OmAwake (more on this!). The important thing is to make your clients feel valued; this, along with great customer experience, will help build the fruitful, long-lasting relationships that will stabilise your business.


  1. Email marketing – So you have your clientele, but how do you keep them engaged? ...Emails! Whether they be newsletters, special offers, or links to brand new, amazingly-written articles, emailing your customers is a valuable way to keep in touch. But make sure that you send them to subscribed clients who are already familiar with your holistic approach, as those who aren’t will likely mark unwarranted emails as spam.  


  1. Become a part of OmAwake! – At OmAwake, we provide ease of access between practitioners and clients. We make it so that clients will be able to find and instantly book your company’s services based on your availability, location, prices, and reviews – increasing your visibility to the right audience. Our ratings system helps your brand stand out from other holistic businesses using customer feedback, so that your exceptional services won’t go unnoticed!

Aside from visibility, our platform also allows for easy business management, letting you manage your appointments conveniently, as well as directly contact clients, publish articles, and much more. And the best thing is, you can sign up now for free!


  1. Be persistent – Growing a client base takes time, so make sure you push on. Believe in your work, and be confident in your holistic approach. Even if it’s a bit slow, as long as there is progress, the word will spread and your circle will increase. A little patience goes a long way!
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