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Holistic Health in the UK

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Complementary Therapies are based on a holistic, or ‘whole person’ approach, i.e. how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of an...
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3 visual ways to build trust for holistic wellness practitioners

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5 must-have essential oils for meditation

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5 reasons why you should meditate

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Top 7 Holistic Therapies to Help You Reduce Anxiety

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Acupuncture Since acupuncture’s recognition throughout the NHS, it has become an increasingly popular form of therapy for a wide variety of c...
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8 Tips for running a successful Holistic Therapy Business

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In today’s world, it’ll take more than just your professional expertise to achieve success in the field of holistic therapy. With ever-growing numb...
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Moon Manifestations

Spirituality astrology article 249fb4
As the Earth spins on its axis, the moon fluctuates through its phases with each position harnessing different meanings and transcending energies t...
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Why Alternative Medicine is Booming

Health article ac1f5a
Alternative Medicine is the therapy that uses natural modalities to make people better. These include Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, energ...
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5 Must-Have Healing Herbs at Home

Herbalism homemade remedies medicinal plants article a52757
Herbs are a natural part of us. They are food and medicine at the same time. As Hippocrates said, Let food be thy medicine, and your medicine be th...
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Rule your mind or it will rule you. Why should you practice constant meditation

Motivation meditation article c1524a
Meditation is the art of controlling your thoughts and mind. Meditation is practiced to control the negativities of the mind and channelize your th...
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